Auto fill with Biwarden on Android doesn't fill

Hi all
When opening an app (in this case Spotify) on Android (latest) Bitwarden will show a clickable button to Auto fill with Bitwarden but that only opens Bitwarden. Then I need to manually search for Spotify and copy paste the credentials.
Is this a bug, Spotify specific, Android?

For me, if I click the Bitwarden button labelled Auto-fill with Bitwarden on a new Android app, it usually guesses the correct login item, which I can click and autofill proceeds (I just tried this on the Spotify app after logging out). Bitwarden also prompts me to save a URI specific to the Android app so that it can autofill automatically in the future.

Assuming that you have your Spotify credentials entered into Bitwarden already, but Bitwarden is not finding them, you can try adding this URI to your login item:


and if that doesn’t work try:


Let us know how you make out!

Ok that partially worked. While Bitwarden won’t auto fill the credentials it at least opens Bitwarden app with Spotify as a matching app.
Thanks for the quick help. Hopefully I won’t need to figure out each app URI in the future. To be honest most apps require biometric anyway.
Hopefully Bitwarden UI will get a major uplift. It looks like the 90s.

Make sure you have autofill enabled in your profile, if it is not doing it automatically.

Yes it’s enabled. I just moved from Last Pass and enabled all those extras. The auto fill is a hit and miss experience. Last Pass was a bit more consistent and also was a bit better at saving updated passwords etc.

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I struggled some time with Android but the following helped a lot:

  • On android 12
  • Bitwarden settings → Auto-Fill Services:enable only “Auto-fill service” and “Use Inline Autofill”
  • Bitwarden Settings: make sure the “Unlock with Biometrics” option is not activated…for some reasons it screws up everything

With this configuration it should work by leveraging the inline autofill provided you are using a keyboard supporting this feature. Therefore you will not have a draw-over box as shown in your example


I have to use the biometric option. Entering my password and 2FA is too much of a hassle.
If the UX between Bitwarden and Android will continue to be ‘iffy’ I’ll move on to something more polished.
I’m not looking for a freebie and will pay for a seamless and painless experience.

I understand the security requirement. The other option is to use the pin. But I understand if this doesn’t work for you.

For me is not the ideal solution either but is the best one fitting my requirements. One of them being open source.

Thanks for posting.

Seems to have cleared up my problems.