Auto-Fill When URI Associated with Multiple Usernames and Passwords

New user here. I have a couple of login items that share common URIs. In order to have the username and password auto-filled when I’m trying to log into one of these accounts, I have to first select the login item for the particular username/password needed for the account I’m trying to log into. This slows down the log-in process and is a nuisance when I have to log-in into the account multiple times a day.

Is there a way to select a particular item as the default choice in this situation? Or is there another work-around?

Hi @Ekrib and welcome to the Community!

That depends. Are the URIs exactly the same? For instance, if one has a path of

and the other has a path of

then you can change from using the Default match detection to a different option so that each URI is considered unique. You can find out more details here:

This should only happen if you truly have multiple user accounts on the same website (e.g., a “main account” and a “test account”, or a “work account” and a “personal account”). If this does not correspond to your use-case, then follow the advice posted by @RogerDodger above, to refine the URI matching algorithm.

If you do have multiple login accounts for a single site, then the best way to deal with this in the browser extension is to auto-fill using the Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L keyboard shortcut. If you press this key combination repeatedly, Bitwarden will cycle through the accounts available for the current site.

Alternatively, open the browser extension by clicking its icon, and then click the account name that you want to auto-fill (all matching accounts for the current web page will be listed when you open the extension).