Auto-fill specified characters of passwords

Most of the banks in Poland use this type of input. I would be really happy to see such a feature implemented. If not autofill then at least the indexed password option.

Really interested in this. Also, how are people currently storing these kinds of memorable words?

Most sites that I use ask for a password then they have this memorable word option instead of 2FA so I currently store the password as usual but then in the ‘notes’ section store the associated memorable word but would at least like a proper way to store this kind of data so it’s at least masked if someone is watching over my shoulder.

Instead of saving it in the notes scroll further down to the CUSTOM FIELDS. Below “New Custom Field” select “Hidden”, then click onto the + sign to the left of it. Add a name (this will stay visible) and then below the “memorable word” which - after saving - will be masked like a password.

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Amazing thanks :slight_smile:

Almost every bank I’ve used has had this security measure, and whilst I agree that it is annoying and bad practice from the bank, I doubt it is going away any time soon and would love some sort of function that can allow the autofill of a specified character position. I tried custom fields but unfortunately it doesn’t work as the custom field IDs are numbered as 1, 2 and 3 rather than the actual character positions that they are requesting (which changes each time).

I’ve just noticed that the view password feature in the Firefox extension now has an option to number each character. While this isn’t auto-fill, it is super useful!
I’m happy with the implemented solution.

I posted a workaround a couple of years ago that achieves this using Bitwarden:

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