Auto fill other Chrome apps (not website/extensions)

Hi, I’m using the Citrix Workspace Chrome app to login to work environment and was wondering if there’s a way for Bitwarden Chrome Extension to autofill the basic authentication that pops up within the Chrome App?

Welcome, @b3n! You can indeed:

Hi @tgreer, thanks. Yes I know it works for normal websites opening within Chrome. I’m asking specifically about the Chrome apps which open/work on their own windows

It should - the extension should be available in the app window (you may need to click on the puzzle icon to show it) but I’m not sure about Citrix specifically.

Hmm, the app windows does not have any extension bar or any way to access the extensions it seems. Bitwarden doesn’t even show up on the context menu…

Does the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L keyboard shortcut work?

The Citrix app seems to be pretty bare. Some other apps include the browser bars and the extensions work.

CTRL + SHIFT + L may work if we knew the app’s address and the field names, but I wasn’t able to chase any of that down in my short session with the app.

I can confirm that CTRL+SHIFT+L does not work, as I mentioned the context menu in the input field does not include any extensions at all. I have the storefront URL which works when opened as a tab but not when opened up in the app. The Chrome app seems to work as a sandboxed instance to which the extensions cannot access.

Also, to avoid any confusion, the actual app is this one: Citrix Workspace - Chrome Web Store

Can you select the field that is not filling and do a right-click → Inspect? It should highlight the input field, see if you can paste the info between the brackets <input …>

Secondly, click on the Sources tab and look at the domain under tops. Is is the same as what is in the bitwarden vault entry?

I think the issue is more that the extension isn’t running in the sandboxed app, like how it may not run in a private browser window.

I can’t do much within the app, the context menu is only available in input fields and only input-related options show up.