Auto-fill on Android often delayed by 30s, app generally very slow on well-spec'ed phone

I’m a Premium customer using the latest BW beta version (currently 2.13.1) on a realme X2 Pro phone running Android 11.

For a number of weeks, BW has been extremely slow regardless of which Internet connection I’m on. When I open a login page on Chrome Beta, it can take 30s or longer until the blue BW button becomes visible on top of my Gboard keyboard app. I usually just switch to the BW app, search for for the login and copy the pw via the clipboard which is faster than waiting for BW in Chrome.
On top of that, it can take 10-15s between starting the BW app and seeing the biometric login. Then it takes another 5s until all 300 logins are loaded before I can start searching.

I’m quite annoyed about these significant delays. My phone has a SD855+ processor with 8GB of RAM and an LTE+ connection which should make it fast enough to load the app and all data within few seconds. Background data is active, accessibility service is active, I force-closed the app and deleted its cache, and I rebooted my phone numerous times. BW used to be quick to show login details, open, load all logins, etc.

Does anyone have an idea how fix these issues and speed up BW to make it usable again? Could removing and reinstalling the app potentially cause more or rather fix these issues? Thanks for your help!


I’ve noticed similar behaviour on various Pixel phones, using both Chrome and Firefox.

One workaround that usually works - and I’m not sure why - is clicking the lock icon to the left of the address bar, then clicking anywhere to dismiss the pop-up. BW then appears straight away!

Thanks for your help. It worked straight away once but for another page it only halfed the time I usually have to wait (30s down to 15s). That’s at least something although a proper fix would be most appreciated.

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Hi Daniel - have you tried enabling the autofill service for Bitwarden in the Accessibility options? It seems to be far superior to the standard service and works flawlessly for me on Android 11.

Thanks, Autofill Service has been set to Bitwarden since I set up the new device.

The trick with clicking in the lock symbol has worked reasonably well but not always.

Today, for whatever reason, I started seeing that small popup window next to the PW field again. I did not change any OS or BW settings though.

Where did you enable auto fill - there is more than one place to enable it in Android, which was the purpose of my post. If it is working now, I guess it doesn’t matter though. :+1:

I’ve tried every autofill setting, but I usually have to rely on that little trick of clicking the lock symbol then clicking away. Don’t know if that info might help the devs to figure out what might be going on?

I’ve had this issue for at least 6 months, has anyone got a resolution?