Auto-fill Identities

An idea from Dashlane which I used since closed beta and which I love.
Use case:
I want to register for a site, they require email, password, name and last name.
I would love to be able to fill those fields with information from on of the Identities.
Right now all I can do is generate a password.

This has 2 main pros:
— no mistakes/typos when entering information
— ease of use

You can do this already (mostly) just click the plus button and choose identity. Obviously its best to use the password generator for the password side of things rather than use a generic password for all sites (not very safe) but if you did want to do this you’d have to setup a custom field.

That doesn’t sound like what the OP is asking… I THINK what is being requested is to use an existing Identity to auto-fill a registration form presumably including entering a new generated password and saving that password as a Login. Not sure how feasible but sounds pretty neat to me.

Having tried it this seems to work (auto-fill identity) except for the password and save Login elements which would be a nice touch.