Auto-Fill for Apps and Software on Desktop


I open the Disocord App on Windows 10 Professional, but there is no way to make Bitwarden fill in automatically. I do not want to copy to clipboard. It should do it like it does anywhere with the autofill function. I have both the Desktop App and the Google Chrome extension. Is there a way for his?


I believe what you are looking for would be considered under desktop Auto-typing for autofill.

You can feel free to add a vote and voice your support there. :slightly_smiling_face:

6 years later… any news on this?
Literally only missing feature and it’s such an important one…

No news that I’m aware of. In the meantime, you can try the click-and-drag functionality as an alternative. Not every app accepts this type of input, but it is worth a try.

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If you are on Linux, @Quexten who contributed the Argon2 implementation for Bitwarden came up with a desktop app that also does autotyping:

which interestingly has this comment:

Goldwarden is a Bitwarden compatible desktop client. It focuses on providing useful desktop features that the official tools do not (yet) have or are not willing to add (for example, because the integrations are not mature enough for a broad userbase)

I think the drag-and-drop functionality mentioned by @grb is interesting because it doesn’t seem to be a channel commonly exploited by the malware, unlike autotyping which is susceptible to keylogging. Even console apps take drag-and-drop. The apps that don’t take drag and drop include, sigh, Bitwarden Window clients including the desktop and FF extension.

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Windows and Mac support is close but needs someone to write and test some python scripts that glue stuff together. Most functionality already works, but for Windows I don’t have a test device, and for Mac I haven’t had the time yet. (Happy to accept PR’s though)