Auto-fill custom fiels in IOS not working

I have following the instructions to set up a custom field that will auto-fill the American Airlines frequent flier number as described on this page:

This works perfectly using Firefox on a Windows 10 computer. However, I would also like this to work on an iPhone or iPad under IOS/Safari. I have made sure that my Bitwarden vault has synced with the IOS app (I can see the custom field I created in the IOS Bitwarden app). When I go the the American Airlines site under IOS and try to log in, the Bitwarden notification is displayed at the bottom of the web page showing my last name. If I select it, it places my last name into the frequent flier field and leaves the “Last name” field blank. It does auto-fill my password correctly.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem with Bitwarden on IOS?

@wcb Welcome to the forum!

Are you doing this auto-filling using the Safari browser extension, or using the iOS mobile app? Auto-filling custom fields can only be done in the browser extensions.

I have tried both. At first, I was just using IOS/Safari because it was working with all of my other web site logins. However, after setting up the American Airlines credentials using Windows 10/Firefox and finding that it did not auto-fill properly on IOS/Safari, I tried enabling the app extension in the IOS Bitwarden app.

Now, when I go to the American Airlines web site in Safari and then go to their login page, I see a gray area appear near the bottom of my screen with a button that says “Use XXXXX” (my last name). If I select that, it puts my last name into the AAdvantage field and leaves my “Last name” field blank.

What happens if you use a different auto-filling method? For example, if you open the browser extension pop-up window, you can click on the “American Airlines” item name (shown at the top of the “Tab” screen) to auto-fill the information.

I’m sorry. Because I am relatively new to Bitwarden, I don’t understand how to do what you describe. Here is a snapshot of what I am seeing. Is the gray part at the bottom, the browser extension?

The Bitwarden IOS app is really unclear on how to install the Safari extension. If I go into the Bitwarden app and then select “Settings” and “App extension”, I am presented with the following screen. It says to “tap the “more” icon on the bottom of the menu”. What menu? Is this menu supposed to be somewhere in the Bitwarden app? In the Safari app? I don’t see what is pictured in either app.

I just went ahead and selected “Activate app extension” at the bottom. When I go into Safari settings and check the installed extensions, there is no Bitwarden extension listed. Whoever wrote this documentation may know how this works but it is not really helpful to someone who is new to this.

Is there anyone using Bitwarded on an iPhone or iPad who can help me understand how to auto-fill from a custom field?

Hi @wcb, I am not entirely clear on your queries so this may be known to you already. It is normal that you see nothing under Safari–>Extensions for Bitwarden in iOS. You can find Bitwarden under the share menu at top right to open it in Safari. You may need to scroll down.

I have not needed to use custom fields yet so I will experiment with that later. The only early comment I can make is to verify that the field label definitely matches. It is most easily set up on a Mac or PC before use on iOS.

Thanks. I have been doing more searching on this topic. I have found one post which states that there is a difference between a Safari extension and a “Share” extension. Despite being called a “Safari extension”, the Bitwarden extension appears to be a “Share” extension. That may be why it does not show up as an extension in the Safari settings.

Anyway, I found that the “Share” extension does indeed work. However, it does require a number of steps and is not as convenient as simply having the fields filled automatically. The steps I have to go through are:

  1. Go to the American Airlines site and select “log in”.
  2. Do not attempt to select the Bitwarden popup that appears at the bottom of the screen. It is a dead end.
  3. Select the “Share” icon.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the “Share” popup.
  5. Select Bitwarden
  6. Use touch-id to confirm.
  7. Select American Airlines.
  8. The three fields are auto-filled properly

Those are more steps than I would like but it does work.

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