Auto copy of 2FA code not working

I’ve just got a new Pixel 6 Pro running the latest version of Android 12. I’ve found that TOTP codes aren’t being copied to the clipboard after filling in a credential. This used to work flawlessly on my Pixel 4a.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Wondering if it’s limited to my device or the OS version :thinking:

I think I saw a post by someone here facing the same issue here. I can’t find that post.

Yeah, I searched but couldn’t find anything.

Hi Dan, Vachan, After checking with the team, it does appear like the Pixel 6 Pro might have different behavior than other Android 12 devices. Stay tuned


Thanks Gary, much appreciated. I’ve actually found that general auto-fill is working better than ever - much quicker and works on almost every site/app I use. Not having TOTP codes copied to the clipboard is a bit of a pain, but I can manually work around it until it’s fixed.




My experience since yesterdat with Pixel 6 Pro is quite opposite…

Autofill works for a while, then stops the autofill part.
But the TOTP codes have always been copied as long as autofill works.

To get autofill to work again I had to reboot the phone.
Haven’t seen any errors, just stops autofilling.
I have access to the vault so can copy passwords manually so it’s possible to work around but hope it will be fixed soon.

Not sure if anything has been worked, on but I had my first TOTP code corrected copied to the clipboard on my Pixel 6 Pro this morning. On the other hand, I had a problem with the autofill credentials not popping up! That had been working well up to this point.