Auto convert currency/price according to visitors country

Feature name

  • Automatically convert the price of various plans according to the country of the visitor.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

Currently, the prices are displayed in USD but it would be great if the price would automatically convert.
Not all users of bitwarden are from the USA.
The bitwarden community is global. So this would be a nice touch to the website.

I’m from Australia and am trying to understand the pricing. No mention on the bitwarden site regarding which currency prices are in.

Could be $US or could be $AUD?

Confusing. :neutral_face:

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Prices are in USD :sunglasses:

We can definitely work on adding more information to the site to clarify the currency.

One important note is that we do bill in USD regardless of the end-user/customer location, so the financial institutions do the conversion.

USAians do tend to think that there is only one sort of $, an attitude which tends to mildly annoy their neighbours north of the 49th parallel and others who use a $. Making it clear that it is US$ would be helpful to some.

Personally I have multi-currency cards, which operate in a variety of currencies including US$. They have much lower fees and better rates than those offered by “helpful” conversions (which are nothing of the sort, they are an attempt to make (more) money out of the transaction). My annoyance is those websites which “helpfully” offer to bill me in UK£, at a rubbish rate of exchange. This “helpfulness” is sometimes difficult to spot. Even worse is, when using a VPN, and the numbskulls behind a website “helpfully” try and charge my card in the currency of whichever country I appear to be in.