Auto-completing prompts for memorable information

Hello. After inputting username and password, many sites require input of further memorable words, either the whole word or characters from specific positions of the word. Is there any functionality within Bitwarden to auto-complete this information? I’ve tried hacking / searching around in the Bitwarden site but can’t find anything.

Yes, you can use custom fields to add this information.

Thanks. So I clicked on the question mark next to Customer Fields > name and read through the instructions, unfortunately 50% of the content was well beyond my technological reach. Here’s admittedly an extreme example cut and pasted from the page:

Custom Fields for Keys. In addition to common web service inputs like PINs and Security Questions, Custom Fields can be used to store values up to 5000 characters in length, for example RSA 4096-bit SSH keys. Character limits for custom field values are imposed on the post-encryption character count. For example, a 3383-character RSA-4096 Private SSH key would grow to about 4400-characters when it’s encrypted and stored in your Vault.

I did read a review or two which said Bitwarden is more for deep techies. I guess they were right.

Hi John - I think the Bitwarden help page on custom fields does a better job of explaining things, including how to use the GUI to create custom fields for autofill: