Authenticator Apps not populating a code

After changing from Windows beta user to commercial Win11 version, my Bitwarden is prompting me for the authenticator app code after entering master password. Only problem is that no codes for bitwarden show in any of my authenticator apps, Ideas? I can access BW app from my android device, but cannot on win11.

If you log in to the Web Vault ( or, depending on which server your account was registered on), do you also get the same prompt asking you for an authentication code? If so, the most likely explanation is that at some point (perhaps long ago), you or someone else enabled this form of two-factor login for your account.

When you get the prompt, what happens if you click the link labeled “Use another two-step login method? You should get a Two-step Login Options modal screen, with alternative options for the 2FA. Do you see any other options there other than “Authenticator App” and “Recovery Code”?

Since you didn’t mention it, I’m going to assume that you have not saved a record of the Two-Step Login Recovery Code, but if I’m wrong, then you can enter the code on this form to get rid of the 2FA requirement for your Bitwarden account.

Unfortunately, if the “Authenticator App” two-factor login method has been enabled on your account, but if you no longer have the corresponding authenticator code (nor the 2FA recovery code), then you are at high risk of getting locked out of your Bitwarden account forever. Therefore, if you do not already have a recent backup of your vault contents, you should use your Andorid device to export your vault data a.s.a.p. (so that you can use this export to create a new Bitwarden account). From the export options available on the Android app, choose the .json format (not “Encrypted”). If you have any file attachments in any of your vault items, you would need to download each of those files separately, as well.