Audit logins for 2 factor authentication

I think that this would be a great little feature addition that could be nested under ‘Tools’ in the web UI.


Audit your logins and provide a list of those which do not currently have 2FA configured (as assumed by the presence or lack of a TOTP credential for that login).


Enable users to quickly identify logins for which they have not enabled 2FA . They could periodically check back to see if the provider has added it to their security offering.

This already exists. Reports are a premium feature, though, so it’ll cost you $10/yr if you are currently a freeloader.

Amazing! I’ve been a paying customer for years now but evidently never took a look at the Reports page. Excuse me now while I remove the egg from my face!

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@danielrosehill Welcome to the forum!

A better perspective would be: Great minds think alike!