Attachments not available for paid account

I just bought a “families” subscription. Under “additional storage” on the “go premium” page it says “Your plan comes with 1 GB of encrypted file storage. […]”. But the attachment button on the “folder” section (when visible) in the add/edit item gives an error message saying “premium required”.

Is this a bug or am I missing something? How do I use my storage?

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Did you try refreshing your membership?

@vachan What do you mean by refresh membership? I don’t see any options for doing that. There’s a refresh button for “billing” but clicking that doesn’t change anything.

In the desktop client, click on premium membership under Account and click on the circle arrows on the top right corner.

Try logging out and back in again.

Just to be clear, are you using the web vault, desktop app, browser extension or a mobile app?


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Thanks both of you for your replies. I’ve tried both the desktop app, web vault, firefox extension, and ios app - all with the same result. I logged in and out many times.

The premium membership box says “you are not currently a premium member”, also after refresh. But that’s not a surprise as I didn’t purchase premium, just the “families” plan. But it has “1GB encrypted file storage” as an item in the plan.

I would suggest you to get in contact with the team @

We’re taking a look at it, it should be included.


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I also have a family account have the same behaviour. I can’t add attachment to items in my own vault. When I however share this item to a collection the family vault, I can add attachments to this shared item (via the collection).

I guess this might even works as designed (as your personal account is a free one).

I got in touch with support. There was some activation issue that they fixed. I can now add attachments to shared items but not private ones as described by @maestr0. I’m awaiting clarification that this is as intended, but I suppose it is (just not communicated clearly IMO).

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If you are on the “new” Families Plan premium is included in the package.


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Thanks. I’m on the “old” Families 2019 plan (which I purchased a couple of days ago), so the new plan is certainly brandnew. I hardly use attachments, so I stay with the $12/yr plan.

The old families plans has storage included for the organization you create. Not in your personal vault.