Ask master password only every week


I know and read also in bitwarden, thats require enter a master password, every time starts the browser, for a security question.

But, if you be restart computer, loose electricity, close browser … you be enter in somme day many times master password.

There is any way, like LastPass, to ask master password only every week or month ?

Currently, no this is not possible with Bitwarden. The longest vault timeout period right now is 4 hours between browser restarts.

But what you can do is setup a PIN to unlock your vault and disable the default setting “Lock with master password on browser restart”. This will allow you to quickly re-enter your vault without having to re-type your master password, even if the browser restarts.



But using PIN unless master password, at browser start need to enter PIN like master password.


I don’t know of any better way - sorry.

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