Ask master password after some period when only using fingerprint on mobile

When unlocking the mobile application with the fingerprint scanner, you no longer have to enter the master password, which is great but this may lead to forgot the master password.

Since it’s not possible by nature to recover the master password (and this is great), it would be nice to ask for the master password after some time (like 10 times or so) when using only the fingerprint scanner.


Options (!) like asking for the master password after reboot, after 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month would be nice. But it should still only be an option. I type my master password often enough on multiple browsers, desktop clients and sometimes even the web frontend. For me it would be burden to have to enter in on mobile regularly.


I have biometrics on my laptops and my mobile devices. As a result I never get prompted for my master password. I don’t want to give up the convenience of biometrics, but I do want it to occasional make sure I remember my master password! Being able to set it to require the master password once every so many day(s), weeks(s) would be a nice feature to have!

I’m in the same situation as Kevin and Félix. After a scare today that I forgot my password (but later came up with it again), I started to search for a setting like this. Having my devices ask me for my master password once a day/week would be very reassuring for my self.