Arrow keys to select filtered passwords in browser extention

I couldn’t find this already requested but I noticed with the browser extension was when you search for a password, you get a live filtered list. When you want to select one, you have to use the mouse and click the item itself. My request is when filtering, having the first one “auto-selected” (not sure if that’s the correct terminology) where when you press enter, it would open in a new tab. Along with having the first one “auto-selected”, being able to cycle through the list using the arrow keys to where you can still use the enter key to select the desired password website to open.

Switching from 1password, this was confusing to me.

Note: @raycekar Depending on your system accessibility settings, you can still use the keyboard by using tab to cycle through the inputs until you get to the list. Def not ideal, though.

It also seems counterintuitive that when invoking, the focus goes to the search input (even when there are matching logins for the domain). More than likely you’re not going to want to search, as what you want is in the pre-filtered results.

I believe I want this same thing as @raycekar. When you search in the browser extension my preference would be:

  1. After the search times out and search results are shown the first search result is selected and pressing the ENTER key will launch that web page in a new tab. However you don’t have to press ENTER, you could also use the arrow goes to move up and down in the list (including going back to the search field where anything you type at this point will be appended to your previous search text).

If the developers don’t like that workflow then my second preference would be:

  1. After the search times out and search results are shown the search field stays active (as it does today, so you can keep typing), but the arrow keys will let you arrow down to select one of the search results. Pressing ENTER will launch the web page in a new tab.

@timkelty agreed that you can use tab, not all that ideal. I do think a good idea would be arrow keys, on pressing enter it opens that webpage, but maybe on holding shift or ctrl and then enter, it goes into the “view item” view (which is what it does currently when just pressing enter).

I’ve migrated from the LastPass just recently and also missing an ability to use arrows in browser extension for navigation.

I have hotkey for the extension itself by which it pop ups, so using arrows to choose a password from the filtered list then is the most intuitive way to go. Autofill hotkey is not always enough.

Why not use Ctrl + Shift + L ? If there are multiple logins you can press it repeatedly to cycle through those logins.

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@Peter_H so what I am more so refering to is that your not yet on the page you want to log in at.

So say you hit your hotkeys to open the bitwarden extension, type in the site (say you have more than one to choose from base on your filter), I was thinking you can hit enter, and it would go to the first enter in the list. But say you wanted the 2ed, or third, then you could use the arrow keys and then press enter to open.

The current functionality with using tab to cycle opens the edit feature instead of going to the actual webpage.

But if I am not on the page I want to log in, why should I go to Bitwarden? Bitwarden is my password manager, not my bookmark manager.

If I have more than a single pair of credentials (and I do have these) I usually just press Ctrl + Shift + L repeatedly.

So how I see it is bitwarden has this feature already. It’s the squarish box with the arrow coming off of it. I just have to use my mouse. Personally I go to websites to log in far more than I edit them. I do see where your coming from though.

When I say more than 2, this could be multiple of different websites with a similar string based on my filter. Not having to be the same website. I agree you are correct that you can cycle through using that shortcut on the same website.

To provide maybe an alternative approach for this feature request:

  1. Allowing the arrow keys to highlight the filtered list instead of using tab
  2. Adding a setting to choose the action on pressing enter of a highlighted password:
    currently it opens the details of the entry. I think another option would be on pressing enter, it
    opens the web page instead of the details.

Is it possible to use arrow keys to select the items to be displayed?