Arm support for server available now?


My problem

I am new to bitwarden. I was planning to Install and Deploy bitwarden server in my Oracle cloud arm64 server. But I found that there are only docker images built on platform amd.

What I have done

I have read Install and Deploy - Linux and even the manual installation without is also based on docker images.

I searched here and found a post
ARM support for CLI

This post said It’s already done.

So I wonder if there is any arm support for bitwarden server soon?

BTW, if I move mssql to azure, could I deploy bitwarden on a 1 core 1 GB RAM amd server?

Thanks for the inquiry! The link referenced is a community contribution, I’ll follow up with the team :+1:

Thanks for reply. I found the link referenced is support for CLI. But I want arm support for server. So it is different. It is possible to support it on arm in the further?

If you bring your own database it could be possible. We use .NET which does have ARM64 support (Not ARM).

Bitwarden Lite is currently under research with lower specs, but no established timelines at this point.