Are we able to use Passkeys already, or not yet?

I was looking at the videos talking about the Passkeys, creating them and using them. Well, they look like these features are already working, but I guess not, because I do not see the choice of Passkeys in my Settings/Security page.
Can someone confirm it either way?
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@DrPepperCan , I can confirm that Passkeys can indeed already be used with Bitwarden, even if it might not be obvious. Note that saving and using passkeys is only available in the browser extension and not on desktop client, web vault or mobile apps yet. The feature works quite well actually. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend looking through the relevant help article here: Storing Passkeys

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As of now, we can use Bitwarden to store passkeys that are for passwordless login on websites that support passkey login, as well as for use as 2FA based on FIDO2/WebAuthn (i.e., as a substitute for hardware security keys).

We cannot yet use passkeys to log in to Bitwarden without the master password. However, this feature is supposed to be coming soon.

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Also, from my experience with the browser extension in Firefox and Windows 10, it does not work for me. It does work in Chrome, however.

Firefox version 122, scheduled to be released in January 23, 2024, will fully support passkeys.

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