Are Passkeys on macOS supported with M365 / AzureAD / Entra ID logins?

I’m using Bitwarden 2023.12.1 2024.1.0 (non AppStore version) on macOS Sonoma 14.2.1. I’ve started cautiously using Passkeys recently for some sites and it’s working pretty well.

Yesterday I tried to set up Passwordless auth to my Microsoft M365 tenant using a Passkey. I did this from the standard My Sign-Ins page. I wasn’t able to complete it, instead getting an error message at the final step from Microsoft:

There’s a Passkey showing up (dimmed out) for that login in Bitwarden now, but I can’t use it.

I found this page which indicates that Passkeys aren’t (yet) supported for M365 logins. It says “Microsoft Entra ID currently supports only hardware FIDO2 keys and doesn’t support passkeys for any platform.”

Can anyone shed any light on whether this is possible, or if it’s “coming soon” or never?

Thank you

More screenshots of the process below…

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I just updated to v2024.1.0 and was looking at the settings and saw this. Not sure if it’s related…

Does this mean that if I was using the AppStore version, that Passkeys might work here?

This is not related - that’s just a notification about setting up the browser integration so you can use biometrics to unlock your Bitwarden browser extension.

Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft is limiting the authenticator it allows to just hardware keys, and so even though Bitwarden is able to store a passkey, Microsoft won’t let you use it.

Has this changed now? I’ve seen comms suggesting maybe Microsoft now supports this? But not had any time to test…