Approve login request in the App

Hey Bitwarden Community,

I’m fairly new to Bitwarden but got everything set up on all my devices.

On my IOS App I noticed an option to enable „approve login requests“ I thought that this would make it so everytime I want unlock my Vault in the Web addon I have to confirm that in the app so I get a notification open the app (unlock with Face-ID) and maybe click on „approve“ to unlock my Vault where I requested it.
So in short: A 2FA without having to enter a Code but just inside the Bitwarden App with Face-ID unfortunately this feature does nothing for me… not even when I logged out of the Vault (not just unlocking it)

Can anyone tell me what this feature is supposed to do and why it‘s not doing anything for me?

Thanks in advance

Possibly a premature release of the UI for the upcoming “Passwordless Login” feature (i.e., it will probably work the way you thought it would, after the new feature has been implemented and released to all client apps).

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Thanks for letting me know.
Looking forward to this feature!