✅ Apple watch - TOTP Support

I second this with additional support for Samsung’s stupid Tizen wear and even Apple Watch, if it doesn’t exist already.


Yes, please deliver a Wear OS App!

This would be very nice!

Until then (if you do not have a smartwatch) you can go for a another OS. I mean full Android smartwatch.

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Missing the Bitwarden app on my Apple Watch always makes me think of switching to another password manager, please support it ASAP.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, as mentioned above, the team is making progress in this space and we will release more info as it becomes available :+1:

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I just took a look at the roadmap and some of the links associated with the discussions for the future of Bitwarden. While it’s nice to see what they’re doing via Vault Hours 25. I don’t see mentions of any implementation features for smart watches/wearables. I’m wondering if by ‘making progress’ you mean that the discussion has been raised(even though people made the request over 5 years ago). It sucks because in terms of overall feature expectations, this is low hanging fruit when comparing to other password managers. If Bitwarden is sticking to GRIT, then at least be transparent and say that it is/isn’t on the horizon for a while or prove that something is being done about it so people can either
a) stick around and wait
b) move on to other services that appeal to their requirements

To clarify, the team is already working on Apple Watch support :+1:


We love the Team :slight_smile:


Yes. Definitely, Apple Watch is a MUST. +1

Thanks to all team for the work. I’ll wait for this! :slight_smile: Appreciate so hard your work.

The road to Apple Watch support has begun (TOTP functionality to start):

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Why apple watch but not WearOS?


@RedSpeeds this is the team’s initial foray into wearables support and will continue to explore additional platforms :+1:

Thanks for the feedback all, I’ve update the title to reflect the in development functionality (currently in public beta) so that when it launches, we can close/complete this request and free up the votes.

Please create a new feature request if you would like to see WearOS support or additional Apple Watch functionality.

Hi Everyone,

I have an Apple Watch, our company got stuck with LastPass (signed up pre-sale to LogMeIn) and their outrageous commercial policies (quadruple per user charges) and buggy app. Not to mention lax security.

How could anyone would be rash enough to go back to LastPass with those issues from Bitwarden? Bitwarden has browser extensions which work all the time (in my experience on macOS across many versions and many browsers) and consistent fair pricing.

Thanks for the good work Bitwarden team. Please focus on keeping core features working reliably and do not get lost in rabbit holes or featuritis. Uncertain if the Apple Watch API is good enough or reliably enough or secure enough to bother with. If it’s not, then don’t worry about it. Apple Watch compatibility is not the key feature. Bitwarden is a tool which we use at our computers or in the worst case at our tablets or on our phones, not on our watches.

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Thanks for the support and feedback!

@seohyeon @Veight @nmbrg @Hammarby @bholm @RVJacobs @brucep @theg00s3

Hey, you all said you would switch to Bitwarden when the Apple Watch app comes out. Out of curiosity, did you make the switch now that it’s available? :smile:

Yes I did. I was actually running the TestFlight beta for a few months now.


That’s good to know! Welcome :slight_smile:

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