Apple password prompt on iphone does not invoke BW

I was nervous about changing my Apple password. Now that I have, I have no access to it other than to launch BW, find the password and do a cut/paste.

If I’m not mistaken, all other apps I’ve encountered so far present BW as an option on top of the keyboard that allows BW to provide the password directly into the app.

In iOS, go to Settings → Passwords → Password Options. Is Bitwarden selected under “allow filling from?”

Thanks for your effort to help. I did find Passwords and Password Options. Auto Fill Passwords is enabled and BW is checked as being one of the apps which are allowed to fill passwords (and it has been working admirably for many other apps (banks, airlines, etc.). But, Apple appears to be unique and not provide the ability to invoke BW when prompted to fill in the Apple password.

It is not the end of the world to migrate to BW and cut/paste the Apple password when the situation arises. But, I was hopeful that there was a setting that allowed BW to work with Apple the way it does with all other apps.