Apple Hide My Email Integration with Bitwarden

User story : Apple’s Hide My Email works to generate email addresses that forward to a primary source address. This provides security and organization for generating accounts behind a layer of obfuscation. What is Hide My Email? - Apple Support

Bitwarden already offers integration into a number of services that provide this same functionality referenced at your help page : Add Privacy and Security Using Email Aliases With Bitwarden | Bitwarden Blog

Ask: Bitwarden integrate into this Apple offering so that email addresses can be created in browser/vault, saved to the Bitwarden locker as a login medium and forwarded to source address.

As of right now, this is a two step process in using both services. A user has to navigate to the Apple ‘Hide My Email’ feature, create an email alias, save that email alias, open Bitwarden, create a new object, paste newly created apple email alias in and save settings.


Hi, I understand exactly what you mean. I would also like to see that integration, but it is not technically possible. Apple does not allow external applications to generate and manage Hide My Email aliases.

The best alternative that I can recommend to you is SimpleLogin, if such an integration is important to you.

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Might be worth looking over the iCloud Hide My Email extension. Perhaps it could serve as a starting point or a reference for Bitwarden integration.

Specifically, this file: iCloudClient.ts

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