App on iOs keeps loading, self hosted

I run selfhosted on a HAS system. recently I couldn’t sync the vault on my iOS 13. On my different desktop PCs it works and via different android phones logging in and syncing is no problem. I uninstalled the app and after restarting the phone I reinstalled the bitwarden app. I have indicated the selfhosted option and entered my address with port number. In the same way as this in the working other systems If the then the app asks to continue. For an endless period of time, the circle continues to run with the text loading and then stops with the message: “Exeption message: A task was canceled”. So I don’t even get to the point of logging in. If I still enter my master password after the notification, the system tries to log in and stops with the message: timeout… and only a screen with the bitwarden logo remains.

i’m out of clues here what can i do to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance for any help.


I am facing the same issue. Where you able to fix it?
If yes, could you please share how?

Thank you