App not prompting for login info

I have a vault with a 135 logins, a mix of urls and apps all of which work perfectly after some tweaking. Except for one. No matter what I try the app will not prompt me. The URL works fine. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot. This is bugging me. I have a pixel 2 xl if that matters. The app is Hannaford supermarkets. I’ve tried modifying the uri, the different detection methods. Or if someone can try this on an android to see if it’s the same would be helpful. The store is kinda crappy so maybe their app is as well. Works fine.

androidapp:// Doesn’t work. Play store share info.

Thank you.

Hi, as you may have noticed not every login field on both websites and applications trigger an autofill opportunity. This is related to how the field for email/username have been defined by developers of the website or application.

I am not aware of the exact tag within the code but most user/email fields are not declared as such. To get an autofill prompt you’ll have to get to the password field. If that applications login screen has both fields on one screen simply skip the email field and attempt to get a prompt on the password field to have bitwarden fill out both.
On some occasions you have to enter some text first, like any random character and delete it afterwards to get a autofill prompt.

On Android I recommend activating every autofill option in the bitwarden application as it really matter for which Android version the application has been developed. You may not get the option to autofill on applications otherwise