App doesn't stay in the background

Every time I want to unlock the browser extension the app is closed and I have to manually open it. I use a laptop and I change networks and connect to a dock frequently and maybe that’s what’s been killing the executable. I’d like to know it there’s a way to get logs so I can check why and how it was terminated or if anyone else has been experiencing this and knows how to fix it.


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You have tagged your topic app:desktop, but you describe problems with the browser extension.

Would you mind clarifying whether it is the browser extension or the desktop app that is being terminated, and perhaps explain why you are using both the desktop app and the browser extension? This is usually not necessary unless you are using biometric unlock.

Hello Tomás, and welcome to the community!

If you are on Windows, you perhaps can use this. The desktop app has the options (File → Settings) “Show tray icon”, and “Close to tray icon”, if you have the last option on (I have both on), when you click the x button, the app won’t close but minimize to the tray icon instead. This way, you cannot close BW desktop app except through alt-F4 or the File menu. You may want to configure Windows so that the tray icon will always be visible on the tray icon area of the menu bar.

If you are having problem with the extension behavior, you’d have to adjust the “Settings” under the Vault timeout and Vault timeout action. Setting the option so that the extension is never locked is not recommended (less safe).

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The browser extension is not the problem, it simply can’t find the desktop app to use Windows Hello to unlock itself since it crashes and it’s not open when that happens. I thought it was pretty clear for someone who actually uses the app, but I’ve edited the language to try to make it more clear.

I AM on a biometric lock.

I am using all of those options, still for some reason the app is closing from the tray and I have no idea why; I end up having to open it manually multiple times a day.
The extensions behaves as expected, it looks for the hook with Desktop app, but can’t find it running, so it doesn’t start the biometric unlock.

I’ve just checked the Windows Event logs when I closed a Bitwarden Desktop app, and I get Event IDs 5379 and 4673 in the Security log. So you might start by looking for those.

You might also check your Windows Defender logs (or other anti-malware software).

There are a bunch of log files under the \AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden . I never looked through the logs, but the ones that might be interesting include app.log and logs\renderer.log

You have not mentioned the (unfortunate) standard ways of trying to resolve BW app problems which include:

  1. Log-out and then log-in and see if it makes any difference
  2. Reinstall to see if it makes any difference
  3. Blow away the Roaming\Bitwarden directory, or some relevant files within to see if the problem would go away

I have never seen such a problem with any version of desktop app I have used, including my current 2024.2.0.

edited: software version

That’s perfect, I’ll be checking those event ids, thank you. Is the app known to have issues with anti-virus software? My Windows Defender logs are clear.

I’ve check the app.log, but I couldn’t catch anything that accused a fatal error. “renderer.log” and the logs folder are not present.
I’m coming from a recent clean install, but a Windows In-place repair installation (which is what I did) could leave remnants on the Windows.old appdata folder, so I just deleted all Bitwarden folders in appdata, old and new and started everything from scratch. Let’s see if this will fix the problem, I’ll monitor closely.

Edit: For the record, these are my component versions
Version 2024.3.2
Shell 28.2.8
Renderer 120.0.6099.291
Node 18.18.2
Architecture x64

Thanks for the help and the welcome,

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Nothing major that I remember coming across, but it would depend on definitions in use at the time, and whether heuristics are enabled, etc.

The apps still crashes about once a day; I’ve been monitoring the logs all this time and I still can’t find a fatal error. I’m not that intimate with the language in the logs, but none of the errors seem to accuse a full on crash. Would it be okay do post the logs to see if someone a bit more experienced comes along to help me out? I don’t think they have too much personally identifiable info, except for my Windows user folder name.

I don’t think it’s against any forum Terms, and as long as you understand the privacy implications, it should be fine. However, I hope you find somebody who has the ability and time to make sense of whatever you post. I don’t think that I personally would be the one for this job…