App crashes after entering Master password version 2023.8.0(Android)

After the lastest update 25th August 2023 version 2023.8.0) the mobile app on my android phone crashes / closes after having to re-enter Master Password. This is the most recent update in Play store.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache in the app.
I even tried login in via the web browser and no luck. On the web browser an error appears after entering my Master Password (user key not found). But in the mobile app it just closes the app after entering Master password.
Please help!


Facing same issue


I contacted Bitwarden Support and received a prompt reply with a workaround just to access passwords temporarily.
This is a known bug, but no ETA on resolution at this stage.

How can I access can you please help me

What exactly is workaround can u share that .


Below is the work around provided to me by support. I used the Mozilla Firefox extension as the solution however after now trying to add this extension to anothe laptop it appear firefox extension is no longer on the older version (which didnt have the bug):

You can use the Firefox extension as it is still on version 2023.7.1 - download Firefox and the extension from the links below:


I hope this works for you.

Same issue here. Firefox addon is not an option as I don’t use firefox.on my mobile (but brave browser, a chrome offspin)
It works.via the web vault but makes it all very impractical

It seems to be working again.
After trying to login via app with Master Password a message populated to login into Web Vault to get a new Encryption key.
I then logged into the Web Vault to update Encryption Key. Un-installed Bitwarden app again and logged in. All good now finally.