Anyonne having issues with TOTP on web

I notice recently that TOTP option is no longer working. The copy TOTP does not work and when I open the item, I do not see the TOTP code. When I edit the item, I do see the authehicator key. The issue only affects the client on Chrome browser (it’s running on Windows 10). It does not affect the Android Client.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Hey there, are you referring to the web vault or the brower extension? If browser extension, can you confirm what version number?

Yes, the web extension. The version number account to about bitwarden is 2022.6.0

OK, the reason this failed is because the premium membership expired. I am actually helping my mom out because it’s actually her account. I had set it up to do auto credit card update and the card wasn’t supposed to expire until next year, but the card switched owners resulting in a new card with new number issued.

Bitwarden probably sent her some email indicating the account has expired. She probably deleted them because she thought they were spam.

What confused me was that after the premium account expired, the TOTP went away in the web client but continue to work on the android client, so I didn’t think the membership expired. Good catch dwbit!

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