Anyone switching from using eWallet

Has anyone moved from using eWallet to Bitwarden? Any suggestion to get data into Bitwarden? My understanding is there is not an importing method.


Well, after digging a while for this, there aren’t cases for BW migration indeed. So, all that I’ve found was the eWallet’s manual instead. Here are some notes:

You can export your eWallet information to a text file from eWallet by using Save As…
Please note that exported information is
not secure…
…Also, it is not possible to import this data back into eWallet. See the instructions
for Making a Backup for ways to backup the actual wallet file.

And so to the backup…

The copies is stored in:
%APPDATA%\Ilium Software\eWallet\Wallet Backups
You can also make a backup copy manually. On a Windows PC, select Save As… from the
eWallet File menu and choose eWallet File for the format.

As you can see, eWallet doesn’t support well-known formats such as .csv, .xml or .json for exports.

In resume, as mentioned in this article, they lock your data in to their service. At this time, there’s no direct import to Bitwarden. But I guess Kyle can check that in the future.

But if you want a full export from eWallet to Bitwarden, I guess you’ll have to use another platform first, such as KeePass or 1Password. Here are some links to help you with that:


I hope it helps.

I have over 1000 entries in eWallet. When I go through the tools I’ve found so far all the records are merged into the top level even though the category information is there. These “solutions” are untenable, so far.

When I import into KeePass it seems like the categories are listed as tags. :confused: