Anyone getting unable to autofill message

It was working on Monday but now I get this message unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead.

I get this message on Firefox and Chrome.

On the forms that it’s supposed to autofill (login, identity), it’s working on FF for me. On a page that there is nothing to autofill, click on an item gives me the error that you described.

Forgot to add it’s auto filling username and password but not custom fields.

After you had said that I deleted the custom field and then added the Id name again by right clicking and clicking on inspect, and copied the name after id=

It’s working again I don’t understand what happened did it get corrupted or did the website change something.:grimacing:

Edit: Something isn’t right I tried it again and I’m getting that same message again.

Hopefully last Edit: Instead of copying after id= I copied after the name= this seems to work.

What I noticed if you do it my first way after id= that value changes each time you go to the website.