Anybody using the MacOS beta With safari 18 yet?

Morning all,

I’ve recently started using the latest MacOS beta and part of that is a new version of Safari, V18. I’m curious if anyone else is using this yet, reason I ask is I have a strange issue and I’m not sure it’s the beta (probably is) or just some kind of other issue.

The main Bitwarden app works flawlessly and shows all passwords as you’d expect. Chrome also continues to work as expected (not upgraded, same version as pre MacOs beta). The strange thing is the Safari extension shows no passwords at all, though the even more strange thing is I can sync and it shows my vaults and folders, there’s just nothing in them. To confuse matters even more, I can add passwords to it and it shows those newly added logins. So very odd. It feels like I’ve got some kind of filter enabled.

Anybody else using this yet to confirm if it’s just an issue with the Beta safari rather that a strange bug I’ve managed to come across sin Bitwarden’s extension?

Yeah getting the exact same issue with the macOS beta, have no fix