Any way to prevent autoupdating of Bit Warden extension in Firefox on macOS?

Ran into a bug in the latest version of the Bit Warden extension on Firefox on macOS. It will no longer do autofill of login widgets on web pages. So I reverted to an older version of Bit Warden extension yesterday, and that provides a work-around until the autofill bug is fixed. However, I see today that Bit Warden extension has autoupdated to the latest and is broken again. So I’ve reverted again. Another annoyance, they’re piling up.

So what I apparently need is a way to stop the Bit Warden extension from autoupdating. My other choice is reverting the Bit Warden extension every day. Which tells me I need a different password vault app. Is there a way to stop Bit Warden from autoupdating?