Any way to add custom field to credit card?

Hi all,
any way I can add custom field for a credit cards?
The CC expiration date is 11/2028 but they are separated in two different fields, Month and Year and some of my websites need that to be in one fields in format MM/YY.
So if there is an option for extra field that I will add 11/28 and then link that field to the input name, the magic will happen.


Yes, custom fields can be added to any vault item. Just open the item for editing, and scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll find the + New Custom Field option.

Bitwarden does its best to detect odd formats for credit card dates, and they are continuously making improvements to this algorithm. Thus, when you encounter where the credit card auto-fill does not correctly handle the expiration date, please report it here:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried that but I cannot link the new field.

In my case I want to link field “data_linija” to a input named “exp” but in the dropdown of Linked field I get only the regular Name, Number, etc fields.

edit: When I say Custom Field I ment field in to the Item Information section of the card so later can be linked to a custom field.

You can link to “Expiration Month” or “Expiration Year”, not both together. To make sure that there is no misunderstanding, linked custom fields link to the pre-defined fields in your vault item — meaning that whatever value you have entered in one of the predefined fields, the custom field will use this same value if you link to it.

If you want to specify that a custom field should be auto-filled into a specific input field in the web form, then you need to get the value of the id attribute of the input field from its HTML code (or right-click the field and select Bitwarden > Copy custom field name), and then set the custom field’s Name to match the input field ID. For example, if the input field ID is exp, then the custom field should be named exp instead of data_linja.