Any options for phone support or live chat support for emergencies?

Hello all, first timer here.

My company is looking to use Bitwarden Teams Organization to refactor our password management practices.

Everything Bitwarden offers looks great and we’re sold on the plethora of features, sleek UI, and easy setup.

The only hole seems to be some sort of live customer support. 24/7 email support is standard, the documentation and knowledge-base are really well done, and active community forums are a plus. However what are my options when there is a critical outage or similar emergency situation? Good security practices means we’ll be relying on access to Bitwarden to conduct our daily business. If something goes wrong, our company will be unable to do business.

I’d like some more info on how Bitwarden customer support handles these types of situations, what the average support ticket turn-around time is in case of an emergency, or what my other options are.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @jimbo_lo and welcome to the community! The Customer Success team already has an escalation process in place and they are extremely speedy. If you need to connect directly with the sales team you can use