Any news on BW U2F support on Android?

It’s obviously possible since Dashlane support it. One of the key attractions for me moving over from Lastpass was U2F (rather than OTP) support with a Yubikey. So I was a bit disappointed to find that it’s OTP only for BW as well on Android :frowning:


The framework we use to build the mobile apps didn’t support it until recently, but we’re aiming to bring U2F to the rest of the clients this year.


Fantastic - that’s really good to hear! Thanks!

That would be an amazing enhancement for me. I have a “pile” of Gen 5 NFC U2F only Yubi’s in my desk! I prefer not to use the features beyond U2F on my sticks. The older Gen4 keys are configured to do everything. Simple man, but security aware!

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It’s all fine and well putting all your passwords, credit cards and what-have-you into one place. But if you do that, you need to know it’s absolutely as secure as can be. And unfortunately OTP’s are still vulnerable to MITM attacks. U2F is the way to go!

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Any news on U2F on Android?

According to the roadmap, it is in development

Thanks. I am wondering if it is still expected in 2020, as per initial guidance?

Android and iOS may be early in Q1 2021.

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Thanks. BTW this is not just idle interest. It’s the remaining feature which will make me feel comfortable moving over from Lastpass.

I know LP don’t have U2F either, but they do have other nice features like geo-blocking and mobile device white-listing. So until BW has U2F, I do feel is a slight downgrade security-wise.

Hello Trey - Happy New Year.

Any news on U2F on Android?


U2F for iPhone would be so great. :slight_smile: I already paid for BW but am looking for any manager with u2f on iphone.

We have been using this for several weeks now and it seems to be going nicely.

Niiiiccceee… is this a beta build? Estimated release time? (It would be great to avoid moving to 1password, since I’m already digging BW.)

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Any update I see on the website to set up U2F that it only lists browser and desktop apps as supported. Is it supported for Android officially?

I’m constantly searching on the internet for posts that will help me!

It’s in progress :slight_smile:

We’re working on Mobile now. We added Fido2 support for the Windows desktop app and browser extensions last release, too.


I’m hyped. This is one of the few remaining issues with my back-up and recovery plan. I have to support TOTP, and now I need a TOTP backup. I hate it. I just want security keys.

Nice, looking forward to it too!

Just received my 1 year anniversary badge, and realised in a couple of weeks I will have been requesting U2F on Android for 1 year.

Any news on developments and potential availability?