Announcement of release notes for the beta version

Beta versions for Bitwarden are automatically published to the Play Store right after a pull request is merged in their Github repo.(If this is not how it works, correct me)

  1. The APK file for the beta is not available on Github. The beta version is not even considered as a release on Github.
  2. The release notes are not published on Github, a user has to find out what has changed by themselves.

Its like the team only wants feedback when the final stable version is released. Then why is there a beta program? Are there any benefits for the team from deploying the beta version?

Possible Solution

  • List the beta release on Github and publish its release notes.
  • Create a new section in the forums called Announcements and publish the release notes there.
  • Add the release notes to

As with all things, this will become more structured over time, but the goal currently for the Beta is to put the code into the wild for users to test and validate. We get a fantastic number of Beta issues corrected by feedback from Beta code, which is awesome.

Looking forward to any other comments here and ideas on how this could be better for Beta testers, but we also want to consider any drawbacks and time considerations for Beta pushes.

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Great to hear.

Some possible ways

  • Create a mailing list just for beta testers and send news letters. Its not the best way.
  • Adding the release notes to
  • Releasing a blog post?
  • Creating a section in the forums for users to share feedback about the beta versions. I saw this being done by shotcut.
  • Adding the release notes to Github.
  • The release notes should be written (in advance) as soon as a pull request is opened on Github, that way there won’t be any delay. When a PR is merged, just publish the release notes.