Android Phone auto fill - how to stop this for the bitwarden app

I am new to Bitwarden and trying to figure out how to use it. n I realize that I need to download and enable the browser extension so it will work on my desktop. The question I have is for both the desktop and android versions, how to you NOT have then automatically login when opened? As the entire idea is to protect passwords, anyone using the phone could easily open the app and see all.

What is the best practice for using the app to manage passwords but protect the auto login that most browsers have?

Does Get Started with Mobile Apps | Bitwarden Help & Support help?

You can turn off the auto-login on all browsers. It is in the settings for each browser and the help system for the browser(s) you are using will explain how to do that.

Further to what David posted above, if you really mean auto-login and not auto-filling passwords in forms:

  • Set a Vault Timeout period, based on your needed level of protection
  • Set unlock with biometrics on the mobile device, and biometrics or PIN code on the desktop
  • For added security, enable 2FA so that your vault is only opened on trusted devices (and you can revoke this later if one is ever lost or stolen)

And if you don’t want auto-fill, just turn that off in the BW settings. If it is still filling passwords, then it is your browser doing it and not BW.

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