Android: Not able to autofill on some websites

Hello newbie here :wave::slightly_smiling_face::wave:

I have come across a problem where autofill doesn’t work on all websites on a certain android device, I have a feeling that it’s not down to Bitwarden but down to Chrome and using a older device.

I’m running Android 8.1.0 on a Samsung Tablet, and some websites it won’t autofill to sign in, Sometimes the pop up box comes up saying go to vault and when I click on the website name it doesn’t fill it in, Sometimes it will work but most of the time it doesn’t work. Now if I use Firefox it completely works how it’s supposed to.

I have gone through all the bitwarden help tips here but nothing seems work.

It works absolutely fine on my phone running the latest android version.

Hello Jem, and welcome to the community!

If you have turned on all the options in the Autofill section in the Setting → Auto-fill page (there are 4), then most likely, there is nothing else you can do. It’s a limit on what BW can do on Android.

At least you can be grateful that it works perfectly on your newer Android, because Android auto-fill seems to be spotty at best. This appears to be a problem for other password managers as well.

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Hi and Thanks for a quick response. @Neuron5569

Yes I have gone though all the settings I can think, I thought someone might of come across this problem with a older version of android, even if the answer was nothing can be done. I’m wondering what is so different in Google Chrome as Firefox works like it should on my Tablet.

This is my first password manager I’m grateful that it works without any problems on my phone, I use my Tablet more than my phone though but copying and pasting isn’t that big of a problem.

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