Android login, error occurred

I have tried logging in to my Bitwarden app but encountered this error repeatedly. I’m not sure what to do on my end

An error has occurred

Exception message:
Unable to resolve host”: No address
associated with hostname

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Name resolution for also does not work for me and according to DNSDumpster this site does not exist:

However, according to Netcraft it does:

But taking a look at the details of this sub domain (see above underlined in red) reveals that - according to Netcraft - it was last seen on June 30th, 2020:

So my questions to you are:
Are you sure that you are using the latest version and that you downloaded it from ?

Correction as I just noticed that it says “Android” in the title.
…and that you either downloaded it from Google Play or from ?

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Thanks for the information. After 2 days I attempted to log in again and it worked. Can’t be sure what was wrong then, but it was the Google Play version.