Android Face Unlock

With i.e. Xiaomi Mi 8 it is possible to unlock the device via face unlock.
Eventually there will be more devices with this ability in the future.
Face unlock as an alternative to fingerprint unlock would be great.

It’s been over a year and now there are several other phones which have face unlock capabilities, and many of them do not have a fingerprint unlock. This would be a huge benefit for usability and security.

Also voting for face unlock.

I would like to see a forum method to Down-vote something. Biometric unlocking on mobile devices has been repeatedly shown to be wildly insecure. Especially facial-recognition is horribly inaccurate, often with false-positives in the realm of +20% (ref: search the EFF and ACLU web sites regarding police use of FR.)

There are times when it’s okay to reduce security for convenience. Accessing your passphrase database should not be one of them.

YMMV, I suppose. I guess I don’t really object to it being an option as long as Organization admins can disable it for all linked accounts.

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Needed for new Google Pixel 4 and 4XL too.

Ummm, faceunlock is already avaible for Pixel4…

Yes, sorry. It’s working now. Thanks Bitwarden for being on top of it!

On huawei mate 10 pro I have face recognition data but in bitwarden I can only use fingerprint. Any plans to roll out a double validation fingerprint+face rec or to make face rec available also for this phone?