Android F-Droid / Gplay - After logout can not login anymore [username or password is incorrect]

Hey there.

Logout completely from my F-Droid BitWarden app yesterday. Then I want to re-login but I can’t.
I got the error that my ‘username or password is incorrect’. But it is not!

I had this issue the last time when I changed my master-password and logout from all devices.

What I try so far:

  • Try it mobile-data
  • Check my password and email a 1000 times :smiley:
  • Try to login in Firefox or Chrome Addon without Problems
  • Clear cache from bitwarden app
  • Uninstall BitWarden App and reinstalled it from F-Droid
  • Uninstall BitWarden App and reinstalled it from AuroraStore aka GPlayStore
  • Create a new BitWarden Account and I was able to login without problems

The last point is proving me that it seems to be something with my account.

My env:
-Fdroid App Bitwarden
-Android 10
-LineageOS MicroG
-Rooted with Magisk v24 and Bootloader Unlocked

Greetings by LessOrNothing

After creating an account and deleting it, I installed the f-droid app again and uninstalled the Gplay app, I was able to login with my normal account.
This issue drives me crazy. I have no idea was caused this.
Now I am able to logout and login again.

Glad you got it working, @LessOrNothing. This sounds like a keyboard issue with international character sets to me. Android can be a bit goofy sometimes about character conversion.

Thx for that hint. I will keep an eye on this.

My current keyboard is Swiftkey.