Android client no longer syncs to self-hosted server after latest update

My Android client was working just fine up until the most recent update a few days ago, but now it won’t sync. I logged out and now I can’t log back in to the client to access any of my passwords.

I’m using a self-hosted copy of the server. I’ve confirmed that my certificate authority is installed properly on the phone. The client application in both Chrome and Firefox on my desktop computers is working without any issues.

Can you try the Android beta from the play store and see if the problem is resolved?

Problem solved! Thanks.


The same problem appears for me. Since a few time, Android client cannot sync to my self hosted server. All other way of connection / update work fine (Web, and Linux client).

Can you check ?


Of course all softwares are up to date.

Same here, no more updates in Android app when adding/changing elsewhere. Seems to have started after the app update of mid June.

Is there still a beta available I can try and if so, how?