Android client login bitwarden, HTTPS cert problem

Android client login bitwarden issue.
error message:

Exception message: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

This problem will only appear on Android, not on the web or iOS.
SSL certificate authority is DigiCert.

Hi I have this problem now with Bitwarden.

Could you solve the problem and how?

I’m running the newest Bitwarden app 2.5.0 on a HUAWEI P20 lite with EMUI 9.1.0 and Android 9

I tried to deinstall and re-install but doesn’t work…

Can somebody help?

I still haven’t solved this problem.
I have no idea…

I got support and it workded - here is the advise from Alex (Support from Bitwarden):

You will need to download the certificates at any time from the Bitwarden Cloud Web Vault. You will need to do it for both CA certs in the Chain, here is how to download the first Intermediate CA cert:


(two other pictures how to save the Certificate but I can only post one - will post them in a new answer)

​Save the file as a DER Base64.

The Intermediate CA cert is the Cloudflare cert and the Root CA is the DigiCert cert, you need to install both following these steps:

I hope this will also work for you! Let us know if it worked

Your method inspired me, here is my solution:
I downloaded the certificate of my domain, then I import the certificate into my mobile phone. And it works!