Android AutoFill Service not working on Pixel 6

I have a pixel 6 with Android 12 and fully updated. I have enabled AutoFill Service, inline auto-fill, accessibility, and draw-over. I have also made sure battery optimizer is not enabled for bitWarden.

My issue is that on any login box (both in chrome or in an app), the “Auto-Fill with BitWarden, Go to my vault” button appears, though none of my logins appear above that box. The logins DO appear in-line in my G-Board, which is a start, but I wish they appeared next to the login box as described here: Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support

Does anyone else have this issue? I saw another thread that I thought described a similar problem and I disabled biometrics, but that didn’t fix the issue.

Thank you.

It sounds like you don’t want it to show up in G-Board, but in the pop-up box instead. Try disabling inline autofill.

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I can’t believe that’s all I needed to do to fix this issue. I’ve been struggling for months with this! Thanks for your help!

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