Android Autofill service automatically disabled

I have a Galaxy 22+ with Android 12 last version.
The issue was also on my Galaxy S10+ with Android 11.

When I enabled the autofill service inside the Android App, the services correctly enable, but after some time I found it disabled again. If I re-enter on the autofill service inside the Android App the value is “OFF”. If I open again the selection, Bitwarden is selected and I need to disable and re-enable again the radio button to enable again the service. And this again and again.

When I used the Galaxy S10+ I had the same issue but I resolved somehow but I don’t remember how.
I’m almost sure that I enabled something from the android menu, but I didn’t remember what.
Anyone have my same problem?

Hey @Caino79, let me know if this helps: Troubleshooting Android Auto-fill | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thanks for reply.
No, I already read this troubleshoot.

Thanks for confirming, I don’t have an Android to test on, but if you don’t end up getting any responses from the community, you can also ping the support team directly at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

I have used the Bitwarden Android app on a Galaxy S8, S10, and S20, and I have never encountered this behaviour. The only thing I can think of is that Android likes to automatically remove permissions from apps you haven’t used in a while, or perhaps there is some other app on your phone that is “stealing” focus for autofill?

Thanks David.
I thought the same, could be an app that “stealing” the focus. But when I open the android options the selection is correct on Bitwarden. In the image I screenshot on the left the android tab and on the right the bitwarden option tab.