Android autofill inline does not appear to be working on websites

I have notice using the autofill does not work a lot of the times.

On a Android 8 Tablet (Samsung P580 tablet), when I open the site in an app, the autofill appears in the field. When I tried to do this in the chrome website, it does not.

On an Android 11 Pixel 3axl, the autofill often failed to appear. I have to go to Bitwarden and turn the autofill on and off.

Both are using inline autofill. I notice that old accessibility autofill appears to work better at detecting sites and apps.

Any tips on how to resolve this?

Also happens to me a lot. I find myself often opening the app to grab the password.

It would be nice if there was better autofill detection

I should note I imported my passwords from LastPass.

Try Ctrl+Shift+L which for sure is better than having to grab the password.