Android Autofill for Apps shows wrong sites

Hi there. I’ve been using bitwarden for about 2 years and haven’t been able to figure out the following:

On some Android Apps (like American Express, for example), I’m seeing the login credentials for many different sites, as well as for my actual american express credentials. These credentials don’t appear on my web browser for, they only appear on my Android Amex App login.

I’ve checked the extra sites that appear, and can’t find why they would appear in the Amex App login. For example, I have a URI for Binance of “” and have that set for base domain detection, and yet it appears in the Amex App login box.

It’s not the end of the world, but I have sites like this in many apps and it’s a bit annoying. Thank you for your help!

Not being an Android user, I’m limited in the advice I can offer personally. Hopefully one of the other forum members is able to step in and help.

The only two leads I can come up with are:

  1. Are the extraneous login credentials being offered by the Bitwarden app, or some other app?

  2. If you log in to the Web app (e.g., and navigate to Settings > Domain Rules do you see any entries there that define and (or the corresponding mobile app URIs) as being “equivalent” domains?

Thank you for your reply.

The credentials are definitely suggested by Bitwarden in the usual format. I also looked in the domain rules and didn’t see anything at all that would connect them. Really not sure what it could be… If it would help, I can take a free screenshots of the items + their entries in bitwarden?

I just noticed:
When I open the bottom the “auto-fill with bitwarden/go to vault” on the bottom, the “wrong” sites I’m talking about appear as “Possible matching sites”. However, they most certainly are not! How can I get rid of this suggestion?

Thank you for following up on my suggestions.

Unfortunately, I am not at all familiar with the Android user interface and the various configurations required to make the auto-fill function behave properly on Android.

I think that posting screenshots would be a good idea, and hopefully this will result in someone else being able to provide assistance.

Please remember that you also have the option to contact Bitwarden’s official customer support for assistance with technical issues.

@batigol may have stumbled into a long-running issue, and commented into a “Feature Request” thread:

I am an Android user but use autofill infrequently, and have not use the recent inline autofill at all, but I have never seen what the OP encountered. I only see one entry matching, or none at all.

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Is that specifically for the Amex Android app or other apps as well?

This behavior doesn’t happen in all apps (for example, Chase App auto-fill shows only the correct matching sites).

Sorry. I don’t use Amex, but I don’t have any apps that have that behavior either.