Android App

Hi ya Everyone,

I’ve just stepped out of the Dinosaur/Ice Age era and bought my first Android smart phone and lovin it lol…

My problem is I have been using Bitwarden on my PC & Laptop for the last 5 months and it’s the best thing ever for quick access and security for passwords I’ve ever used and was wanting now to put it on my Android phone but a bit nervous about it as I have realized Google and FB are all over this phone tracking everything I type and search…

Are there certain things/rules I should be doing/following when using Bitwarden on the Android for security??

Thank you for any help you could offer…


Just set a strong master password and you’ll be OK.

Be very careful what keyboard app you use, as they make natural keyloggers. A good firewall can help reduce data from escaping from the device.

Overall, I don’t consider Android secure enough to trust with important data.

You could try setting up bitwarden with an organization, and only share less critical items with that organization. Then, only access that organization on the Android device.