Android App - Swiftkey and Authy

Hi there

I am just switching over from LP and I noticed that, when I login, my Swiftkey has reset to it’s default theme (even though, when I check swiftkey settings from the on-screen keyboard, my theme is correct) and that I an unable to copy/paste my code from Authy to unlock 2FA and have to type it manually.

I may just be being dense, but could someone point me in the right direction? Neither of the issues are particularly troublesome, except I keep forgetting to read the code as I just hit the copy without looking at it, as I always have.


The incognito mode of the keyboard is activated whenever you use an app that handles important info such as passwords. This may be the reason for the theme switching. There should be an incognito icon :female_detective:somewhere.

I am able to paste values in the Master Password field. I didn’t test the TOTP field.
Are you copying the code from Authy properly?

I am not sure how else to copy the code, other than to click on the Copy icon like I normally do - So yes, I am pretty confident I am copying it correctly :slight_smile:

I’ll have to see if I can skin the incognito mode then - I don’t, personally, need or want that…I assume that can’t be turned off?


I have tested it a few times now and there is no long-press available on the 2FA code field, so I am unable to paste the code from Authy. Swiftkey has no support to skin the incognito keyboard and bitwarden doesn’t seem to give the option to disable that…so I am stuck there, but a QoL update would be to enable pasting 2FA codes